Links to Favorite Vendors

  • Advantage Services.Net
  • Riccitelli Tile
  • Nest Egg Auctions
  • Villanova University
  • Credit Bureau of Connecticut
  • and then there is my nostalgic nod to...

  • Barry Finkel

    is a blog that I created as a tribute to my former attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was a disappointement so I wanted to tell my story to anyone who is researching attorneys in Broward County. For $10/year it's worth it to renew the domain and bother him. The more that his name is in print, the better hits I'll get on that blog so...Barry Finkel, I hope that you and Mrs. Barry Finkel and all the little Finkel children are enjoying a prosperous Barry Finkel year and that no one has Finkeled you like I was Finkeled by Barry Finkel (Fort Lauderdale attorney). Oh, there is another Barry Finkel, who is an actor, but you shouldn't confuse that Barry Finkel with the Barry Finkel who practices law in Broward County, Florida under the firm of The Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel P.A. The actor named "Barry Finkel" does not look familiar to me, but I'm going to look for the name "Barry Finkel" when the credits roll. I'm going to look for more information about Barry Finkel (the attorney) and post it to so anyone who is researching Barry Finkel, PA will have good information. I'm sure that Barry Finkel will appreciate the free publicity.